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By JoshClark
Hey there, has anyone made a to scale model of the OLP for purpose of making upgrades or addons? i'm tired of bound up spools of filment at thet op of my OLP because it doesnt spin freely.
By JoshClark
yeah i just put the filament in there and let it float i took the stupid tray out, it was running into the screws of the extruder. Definitely not well thought out. LIke an extra MM clearance would have been such a big deal.

Without the turntable in there, the filament unravels just fine. no problems now.

What i wanted was a scale model so i can make attachments that clip to the sides or contour the corners or something. So i dont have to get out an angle finder which I dont have, and construct it. If i had a model i could just add peices too it and subtract the OLP.

Not sure how else to say it.
By TobiasHagerö
They (Dreammaker) claim that this is a open source printer. They promised during the kickstarter campaign and also later that all 3D-models was going to be added somewhere on the www. I do not know if that has been done. And to raise the question to Dreammaker here I guess is like standing in the middle of sahara desert and scream..... I do not understand what positive things for their business that think will be the outcome when they do not answer a single question here at this forum. They just think that it will run itself. :evil: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

Anyhow they seem to answer email sometimes. Mail and ask them for a step file or similar of the whole printer.

Best regards Tobias

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