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I have installed it and got it working but not as god as i was hoping. I have written about it in a few threds here. What i have seen is that it is import that the bed is on a specific height to get it to work. Follow what is in the manual for the printer. Do not install the bed sticker that you get before you know that the leveling works. Mine got ruined due to the hed destroyed it, it just rammed in to it the first times. The printhead works quite well when it comes to printing. It is NOT a genuine E3d hotend but it seem to work quite well. When it comes to firmware you will need to re calibrate the stepper for the extruder due. They have not updated the steps for that yet........I cant understand why it haven't ben updated after all these years..... :x
Anyhow Im not fully satisfied with the bed leveling but it works and it is more gentle to the nozzle.
I will try to get it to work in the next week. I will post here and share the result if I got it to work as expected. The reason to why i have not worked on this is that I baught another printer the Bcn3d sigma r17 and have used that one insted. Im very pleased with that one. Anyhow I update here soon if i get the new leveling to work properly.

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I have installed it, but it didn't work.

I needed to take the fans from the old hotend and use them in place of the leaning fans which simply did not work.

Further, the ptfe tube doesn't lock into my heatsink, so I have been getting blockages in the heat break. I have to remove the entire think and unscrew the heatblock from the heater to get it clear.

I was speaking to them via email, but nothing since Oct30th.

The "upgrade" has left me without a working printer, and worse, Octoprint no longer works with the newer firmware :(

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