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By Daniel Smith
Since 2.4 Cura apparently added back support for delta printers, so we should be able to use it.

I had a go at setting it up using the 15.x settings. I've got this far, but unsure what to use for Start/End Gcode (and does that look correct? I had to select Ultimaker 2 assuming it's equivalent to UltiGcode, but wasn't 100% sure about that).


In any case has anyone got Cura 2.4/.5 working?

(Setup: original Kickstarter version of OLP, with the new 'E3D' print head kit from DFRobot; but with the levelling switch disconnected, as the cable for that was missing from the kit) .
By Daniel Smith
SOLVED: had a look at some 15.x-generated gcode files, and there's nothing similar to the above at the start/end of those. So tried just removing all of it, and Cura 2.5 seems to be working fine with my OLP.
By GarethHay
I've used a number of settings, but can't get Cura 2.5 to spit out anything that works using OctoPrint.

I've looked at the gcodes, and the header and footer match output from Cura 15, but when printing the filament tends to bunch around the nozzle.
By GarethHay
Finally figure it out - despite activating many different materials in Cura, the printer profile was overriding it. For some reason it thought my filament was much larger than it was.

Reset that and saved as a new printer profile, and can now use cura 2.5 with octoprint.

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