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By JoshClark
Hi there, I was wondering if everyone is mostly a part of another community as this forum seems dryer than a popcorn fart.

I'm wondering, is there a big forum that most of you are all a part of?
Anyone have any suggestions for me? Id rather not join em all and find out for myself.
By DougMicheletti
It has basically died as a result of the lack of interest or response from DreamMaker. I am always amazed at how little they participate in their own forum. I think most of us just got tired of the lack of interest. I don't have anywhere to send you that has much specific to this printer - there is just not enough of them out there to make much of a dent....
By RichardSu

This is Richard from Dreammaker Team. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are a small team and trying to make everything perfect from products to service. We gonna put more time on the forum in the future. we are here and need the support from all of you! Thanks!

By Andreas Buchegger
Your answer was exactly 6 months after the post from Doug! Whao. And we heard the same some time ago... :cry: :cry:

Have you heard about the amazing user experience and error-free, easy-to-use firmware of the $700 Prusa i3 mk2? With bigger build space, a heated bed that reaches the temp, metal hotend, and much more. What did you since July 2015?
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Oooh the Prusa i3 MK2. $700 for kit and $900 for fully assembled, calibrated, and tested! :drools:
OLP for $949

Comparing the OLP to the Prusa i3, spec-wise, price-wise, support-wise, the OLP is sadly way wayyyyy behind :(

DM team really needs to raise their game.
By RichardSu
Hi Guys,

To be honest, our printer do have some problems like easily clogged nozzle, high temp on the Extruder. etc, that's why we have worked hard on the past several months in 2016 and finally we have figured out the solution to solve those problems. We have made these improvements on our new generation product and now we are trying to find a way out to made these improvements on the old OL&OLP, which could help our user's to upgrade their printer.

By JoshClark
You know what would be a really good start for you guys?

It doesnt even include upgrading our machines.

Update your site. Make it iphone/android optimized with the forums.
Then encourage your staff to take some time to spend on the forum answering questions, giving us words of wisdom as to how we can maybe improve the fidelity of the detail, or say layer adhesion, etc. We're not all printing experts, and dont have the benefit of you working with this technology day in day out.

If we knew that, if we had a problem, that the community would actually be there to help, I think the OLP wouldnt be nearly the head banging experience it is.
I dream of a printer that can level itself, and print a long print without me having to watch it pretty much layer after layer. I cant really turn my back on my machine.
By weiwilliam
You have a point, we've been occupied withe trouble shooting for all kinds, and try to improve hardware, firmware etc. and made too few appearance on the forum.

I cannot gurantee a thorough change of the situation, but we'll be here everyday to listen and assist.

Actually, we sorted a list of FAQ and published here http://www.dreammaker.cc/?page_id=3943
have a look and let us know it helps your print.

the site doesn't work on mobile ends is a pain, afraid you have to stick to PC/MAC for some time...

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