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By JoshClark
Why is the dreammaker store so freakin empty?

seriously, no replacement tips, no heaters, no nothing.

Feels so ammature.

I want a hardened tip for my machine so i can use new filaments.
By DougMicheletti
You will find parts at DF Robot - they are the parent company or something and their store has the available parts. I have not seen a hardened tip for this printer - you will likely need to convert to E3D or similar to have hardened tips. Nothing else fits the installed hotend that I know of - just the parts from DF Robot.....
By JoshClark
seems i backed the wrong horse.

live and learn.
By weiwilliam
It was not announced but the store has been closed, but you find most of the spare parts in www.dfrobot.com; otherwise, you can drop mail to store@dreammaker.cc for help. we're a small team to run a fully functional store, as we need to focus on improvement for the printer.

thanks for your support!

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