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By JonathanPayne
Hi Everyone

I go over to thingiverse and I see lots of tweak mods available, are there any that are considered essential?

Extruder fan mod
Nozzle fan improved cowl
Cable guards

and what is the cheapest retrofit OctoPi solution? I have a Pi, and a wifi dongle, just need to add a camera but which camera is best priced for the task, and has anyone designed a frame mount for both RasPi and Camera?

If not...project!
By weiwilliam
Hi Jonathan,

As a dreammaker member, I'm happy to see the mod solutions out there. from my experience, if you dont use your OL in a hot place ( above 32C), it's not vital to add a fan to cool down the extruder.
I'd suggest improved cooling on material out of nozzle, which may enhance the quality significantly.

Good luck!

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