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By Thorsen Tom
So, I basically have a really expensive in my workshop right now, a 3d printer that I have no way of leveling correctly, even trying all new firmwares, and the experimental build with advanced leveling. (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=163)

No matter how many times I do auto calibration, manual or advanced leveling, the mid points between the towers are always out of place when all screws are level with the extruder. It might just be that I am not patient enough.

I've tried contacting dreammaker, but I do not get any response, nor does it seem like they are doing an effort to come out with updates here. Have they completely left this project, and left all the users with problems to rot?
I do understand that having a 3d printer means having to do some work yourself, but surely it can't be all left to the community.

I also see various other users with different problems, but not much help for them either, except from users that try their best (thanks to every user contributing and doing a job that should be done by dreammaker!)

You might see this as a pointless whine, and you might think that I'm just too inexperienced to level the printer, but I have really given it my all!

This post is to get a response/fix from dreammaker, and not to help with my problem. I wish that everyone with a serious problem should be addressed and helped!

Thanks for tuning in!
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By DanKim
Its hard to say if they've abandoned us or not. I'd like to think not, but yeah it's hard to say. Communication has been slow to non existent from them in a public fashion lately. Seems they are still replying to email though to individuals. Hint Hint, dream maker/dfrobot, we'd appreciate your presence on the forum more. I know you guys are working on the laser, ipad app, wifi, and camera support for the other backers. But yeah your presence is missed.

A buddy of mine is trying to get an alternative firmware to work on the stock motherboard. That would free us to more or less do whatever we want. But, he's having problems due to how the pins.h file he has is setup. Not a big deal if you have the firmware, but we don't so... I'm waffling at the moment if I should go ahead and order an MKS Sbase board and really go off the deep end.

As for the leveling, it really does take quite a bit of time and patience. A consistent digital caliper or machining parallels is a huge benefit. It seems that lately all I've been doing is making parts for our printers or modifying them. Once I get some other things off my to do list, a mount for a dial indicator is next. that should give us a really nice and repeatable test that extends beyond feeling tension on the nozzle tip with a piece of paper. :-D
By Thorsen Tom
Yeah, my problem has nothing to do with measuring devices, as there are up to 5mm difference between the points in the middle of the screws (y86 y-85, x85 x-85). I've managed to make the y level on both sides, and x level on both sides by changing tower angle, but then y and x points vary greatly. The Y points can be -3 compared to Z0, while the x points are +3.

So having tools to measure is not my problem, as this problem can even be seen by the naked eye :)
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By DanKim
I just ripped apart and put back together my black devil to switch to GT2 belts and install astrosyn type dampers. I'll see if I can take a video of me going through the bed leveling with the LR5 firmware sometime this weekend. I've done this once on my blue printer, but my blue printer is a troubled piece of hardware and has lived a hard life and needs to have it done again.

I use different software/UI to send the gcodes and such, but its the same methodology.
By JoshClark
I'd have to say yes from my experience. I've recieved absolutely NO responses back from Dreammaker, and have had nothing but problems. I have a product that does NOT work the way it was advertised.

auto leveling and other feed problems aside, what really disappoints me the most about this whole thing is the lack of presence.
If it wasnt for some of you experienced knowlegable people I'd be 100% LOST trying to run this machine. Not to mention the forum and website is a complete joke on my iphone. its unusable.

I do like my printer, mainly because its my first and only, but I'm fairly disappointed, feel like its a you get what you pay for situation.
I've problably had about 15 good prints out of maybe 50-70 print attempts. Really wish Dreammaker would have a support team for us. Just because we already have our machines doesnt make us worth ignoring.

Even trying to contact them personally has left me figuring thing out alone.
By weiwilliam
Hey guys,

we're back and we never abandon our great backers! There'd been hard times when we're busying developing new features and have to solve problems like leveling, heater, sensor etc.

Now things're on the right track, so if you'd any issue, post it on the forum or write to support@dreammaker.cc, we'll be there.

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