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Hey all,

As you probably know by now, the Overlord needs to be used in conjunction with the software Cura to print your objects. We've prepared a step-by-step guide including pictures to help everyone configure Cura with settings specific to the Overlord -- to view the guide, please open the attached PDF.

We hope this helps! We welcome any questions and/or suggestions.
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am I the only one that doesnt see the download link at the bottom?

I ask because I uninstalled cura, then went to the website and installed the newest version, but it seems the newest version is quite a bit different from the version I'd loaded from the SD card.

Is the version on the SD card all I need? or is there improvements on the newer versions?
Do you mean download link for Cura or download link for PDF with settings? I can see at the end of Cyrus' post the link to the PDF with settings.
Cura is a fast evolving software, I recommend everyone to use latest version. A few days ago they launched a major update, haven't tested it yet, but should be much better. :)

Update: don't try Cura 15.06 yet, it seems to me not ready for delta printers yet, as it is not easy (maybe not possible?) to add OLP settings and parameters to achieve safe printing.

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